Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Three Days Of (Totally Exhausting) Fun

Last week saw three 'trial courses' - days when we test out new courses to see if there's anything we haven't thought of.

So, back-to-back, I was taking part in -

Children's Basic Bushcraft. For me at least the 'making fire' bit of the day was the best, I loved it! Something wonderfully elemental about making fire from nothing. Mind you, all the other skills were very involving and engaging too. It was good to see how absorbed the children were with it all.

Children's Wild Child Adventures ... and this was indeed a bit more wild! The day included trapping, stalking in two teams and hunting each other (with soft-tip arrows and goggles I should add!). It was a lot of fun for everyone.

Children's Away With The Fairies, which I have to say was lovely. The kids - boys and girls - just loved it and it was a real pleasure to see them having so much fun. The parents were having a pretty fine time of it too!

I can promise you, doing three one-day courses, all involving children, is a sure way to end up totally exhaused. Where do they get all that energy from ... ?

More details are on the site as normal:

Wild Child
Away With The Fairies

There aren't many of these courses in the calendar this year so if you're keen, book early. Just click here.


  1. Entertaining children? Hardest job in the world!

  2. Guy
    great to see you blogging, I'll be following.
    Tried to vote for you, but the link's not working