Thursday, 18 March 2010

Revised Links

I've been looking at all the links on the web site and have had a bit of a re-organisation - to hopefully make them make more sense and be a bit more useful / easy to use.

First of all there's the Local Accommodation page which does what it says on the tin - as it always has done. If you're coming down for a course and need somewhere to stay, there's a whole range of different places here, and with a good variety of prices too. It's been updated with some new entries.

There's now a Things To Do In The Area  page which has new (not just reordered) links too, including some of my favourite places to eat. The restaurants I've chosen are very much places that you need to book-up in advance. What I have in mind is someone coming down for a course, having a great few days with us and looking to top the holiday/mini-break with a meal to remember one evening as well.

And finally there's the bit-of-a-catch-all Other Relevant Links page which, well, has other links that I hope you'll find relevant / interesting / useful!

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